About Us
About Us

Dilmun Foods has been established to showcase the rich history of traditional cuisine founded by our ancestors, that has been inherited and reformed by the next generations, with added taste and quality.

We believe that food shouldn’t just be an amalgamation of mere ingredients, but an amalgamation of ideal ingredients of the purest and finest quality in precise quantity and expertise, combined with the love for food and tradition.

Dilmun Foods is committed to a vision of becoming the biggest advocate of India’s genuine promise of great culinary satisfaction and quality, which we have always been famed and admired for. We are proudly Indian made.

When you treat yourself to our traditional recipes made up of simple ingredients, don’t be astonished if you are reminded of a healthier and tastier time from the past. We promise to ensure your satisfaction. We would never settle for anything less. Today, we truly believe that we are helping to make the world a more special place.

  • Madhura Seva
  • Snowflake Mixture
  • Kerala Mixture
  • Dal Mixture
  • Karaseva
  • Murukku
  • Bengali Mixture
  • White Mixture
  • Sweet Boondi
  • Dragon Mix
  • Sweet Corn Flakes Mixture
  • Spicy Corn Flakes Mixture
  • Gulab Jamun
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